•         Jean  Frances  Albrecht
  •         Carl  Arends
  •         Dave  Arnold  Bartholomew
  •         Susan  Kaye  Bautista
  •         Maureen  Opal  Bayly
  •         John  Richard  Berggren
  •         Irene  Mary  Betor
  •         Larry  Frank  Blake
  •         Ann  B.  Blalock
  •         LaTrilla  Fern  Blevins
  •         Shirley  Ann  Brock
  •         Belle  Eileen  Brousseau
  •         John  Griffin  Budlong
  •         Maxine  "Max"  Butterfield
  •         William  Albert  Cameron
  •         Philip  David  Carleton
  •         Ellen  Cavan
  •         William  Cherrington
  •         InSook  Choi
  •         Larry  Dale  Cox
  •         Bertha  Barbara  Dahlgren
  •         Shirley  Alexander  Darden
  •         Gerold  Palmer  Darrow
  •         Loren  Crosby  Davidson
  •         William  Manning  Dilley
  •         Chi  Do
  •         Joseph  Edwin  Dye
  •         Philip  A  Erickson
  •         Grace  Laurea  Fisk
  •         Helen  Lucille  Flyingcloud
  •         Naomi  Kristie  Ford
  •         Robert  Avilla  Fortier
  •         Eleanor  Maxine  Fortun
  •         Charles  Fox
  •         Margaret  Freeburn
  •         Kathleen  Elizabeth  Gardner
  •         Dakotah  Peyton  George
  •         Daniel  Wayne  Gerou
  •         Vernon  Oswald  Gestson
  •         Arthur  Norman  Haig
  •         Bruce  Hart
  •         Robert  Harold  Hegamin, Sr.
  •         Warren  Thomas  Henderson
  •         William  E.  Herb
  •         Murlin  Conrad  Hoffer
  •         Lars  Ingemar  Johansson
  •         Leo  Norman  Kepler
  •         Robert  Benjamin  Koronko
  •         Matthew  LeRay  LeBar
  •         Mary  Jane  Lee
  •         David  Gay  Lewis
  •         Linda  Ann  Llewellyn
  •         Beryl  Barton  Lord
  •         Talea  Ann  Lulay
  •         Col. John  Stephen  Mace
  •         Mary  V. "Ginny"  Marriott
  •         Olga  McKenna
  •         Ricardo  Mencias
  •         Frances  Joy  Mills
  •         Cheryl  Kaye  Monroe
  •         Dolores  Elaine  Peskura
  •         Laurie  Clair  Salehi
  •         Patricia  Satterlee
  •         Evelyn  Anna  Sauvage
  •         Flash  Everette  Scaff, Sr.
  •         Julia  Ellen  Scanlon
  •         Charles  Leonard  Schulz
  •         E.  Milton  Scott
  •         Robert  M.  Shay
  •         Anne  M.  Stott
  •         Byron  Gene  Strange
  •         Michael  J.  Stratton
  •         Marial  LaRue  Stroschein
  •         Rose  Thomas
  •         James  Almer  Thornhill, III
  •         Irene  Barbara  Todaro
  •         Sarah  Frances  Walsh
  •         Irene  Wilcox
  •         Pierre  F.  Wybo
  • Our Management and Ownership

    Jim and his wife Nancy, and their children Anna and Amelia live in Woodway

    In 2006 Jim and Nancy Letson purchased Beck’s and Restlawn Memorial Park. With an extensive background in funeral home, cemetery, and crematory operations, they brought a commitment to helping Beck’s Funeral Home evolve to better serve the changing needs of our community. Their purchase preserved not only the values that have sustained Beck’s Funeral Home for over 60 years, but set the stage to introduce new and more personalized services under the name Beck’s Tribute Center.

    J.C. lives in Monroe
    At Beck’s since 2006

    Jim is Past President of the Cremation Association of North America, Past President of the Washington Cemetery, Cremation, and Funeral Association, and presently serves on the Washington State Funeral and Cemetery Board.

    JC is the General Manager of Beck’s Tribute Center and Restlawn Memorial Park. He has 25 years of experience in Funeral and Cemetery operations. His energy, leadership, and skills have contributed significantly to growth at Beck’s Tribute Center and at Restlawn Memorial Park.

    Our Staff

    At Beck’s you will be served by a team of the most caring, experienced and skilled men and women in funeral service.

    Our funeral directing group is comprised of Ralph Wittmeyer, Julie Hartman, Craig Nelson and our manager J.C. Barr. They are each responsible for personally assisting our client-families through their funeral, cremation, cemetery, and reception needs.

    Our prearrangement group consists of J.C. Barr and Julie Hartman. Both have been trained and licensed to assist families making funeral arrangements in advance.

    Let us know how we're doing.
      Confidential to Beck's Funeral Home

    Craig Nelson
    Craig, his wife Kris and two children live in Mill Creek
    At Beck’s since 1991

    about Craig: Craig is a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer, and a Certified Funeral Celebrant. Craig joined Beck’s in 1991 and has become well known in the community as a caring professional. He received his certification as a Celebrant several years ago and helps many families who simply prefer not to have their services conducted by a clergy person.

    At Beck’s since 2015

    about Greg: Greg is a licensed Funeral Director and Cremation Specialist. He joined us in 2015 bringing 20 years of experience in funeral home and cemetery operations. We sought Greg out because of our high regard for his skills, his integrity, and his unfailing commitment to the highest levels of service.

    Julie Hartman
    Julie and her daughter live in Edmonds
    At Beck's since 2004

    about Julie: Julie is a Funeral Arranger who joined Beck’s in 2004. People frequently tell us about how comfortable Julie made them feel. Her genuine caring, empathy, and her knowledge have served hundreds of families as they faced the most difficult of times.

    Wendy Wade
    Wendy and her husband, Jory, live in Edmonds
    At Beck's since 2001


    about Wendy: Wendy is responsible for creative and personalization services. Since 2001 she has been assisting families with many of the service details that make each funeral, memorial, or reception a uniquely personal tribute.

    Parker Letson
    At Beck's since 2009

    about Parker: Parker Letson is our Cemeterian. Since 2009 he has been responsible for the care maintenance and beautification efforts at Restlawn Memorial Park. Parker feels a real sense of pride in the appearance of Restlawn. He brings a personal touch to the colorful plantings and manicured lawns that make Restlawn a place for remembering.

    Our Pre-Planning Staff

    We assist many families with not only pre-planning, but pre-paying for funeral and cremation services. To discuss the wisdom and advantages to do so, talk with J.C. Barr, Greg Carlson, or Julie Hartman. They are all licensed insurance agents who can assist you in sparing your family some of the burden of paying for funeral or cremation services.

    We are proud to be assisted by the following part-time staff members.

    Ralph Wittmeyer, funeral director who has been employed at Beck’s since 1970.
    Michael Emmick, Funeral Director/Embalmer
    Jan Maxfield, Cleaning and Reception