•         Mary  Lou  Alberti
  •         Jean  Frances  Albrecht
  •         Lorraine  Elizabeth  Balin
  •         Maureen  Opal  Bayly
  •         Marie  A.  Bevacqua
  •         Larry  Frank  Blake
  •         Ozzie  Boyle
  •         Lois  Anne  Carrothers
  •         Harold  Dean  Carrothers
  •         Shirley  Alexander  Darden
  •         Leopoldo  S.  Del Rosario
  •         Raymond  Ariel  Eaks
  •         Philip  A  Erickson
  •         Grace  Laurea  Fisk
  •         Charles  Fox
  •         Dakotah  Peyton  George
  •         Vernon  Oswald  Gestson
  •         Alfred  Henry  Gibbs
  •         Lois  J. "Nita"  Gienger
  •         Susan  Emerson  Gould
  •         Carol  Anne  Greenwood
  •         Warren  Thomas  Henderson
  •         William  E.  Herb
  •         Velma  Julia  Jeremiah
  •         Arthur  Chester  King, Jr.
  •         Michael  James  Langton
  •         Geraldine  Ana Ortiz y  LaPierre
  •         Matthew  LeRay  LeBar
  •         Mary  Jane  Lee
  •         Leo  "Bill"  LeFevre
  •         John  Harvard  Lomax
  •         Aimee  K.  Macdonald
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  •         Lam  Ngoc  Nguyen
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  •         Vincent  James  Palermo, Jr.
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  • Restlawn: A Place for Remembering

    Covering more than six acres of developed grounds, Restlawn offers highly personal memorial placements for those who select earth burial or cremation. Restlawn is a special place for remembering. It is small, inviting, and comfortable. It is a place for memories.

    Interment at Beck's Restlawn Memorial Park provides a truly personalized, lasting memorial.

    • Your choice of a variety of memorials:
      upright monuments or flush markers.

    • You can personalize the design.
      Granite and bronze are among the most popular.

    Since the beginning of time, people have been leaving signs that say: I was here.

    Initials carved in a tree. Hand prints left in wet cement. Cemetery memorials, like hand prints left in cement dried long-ago, are ways we keep our memories alive. It is universal. And its personal. It's why Beck's Restlawn Memorial Park was created.

    People are often surprised at how affordable placements at Restlawn can be. Our specialists can assist you in creating a plan that carries out your wishes on a budget that you can afford. We invite you to inquire.

    We respect your right to make a decision without undue influence. Beck's Funeral Home…we’re here to help.