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  • Events: A Time for Sharing

    In the course of our lives there are special moments that bring family and friends together to share. Funerals and memorial services are a time of sharing memories, expressing our sense of loss, understanding the transition that is taking place and preparing to move forward.

    Today, many families want to make the funeral or memorial experience more memorable and personal by including a reception or meal. It's the perfect way to begin the process of healing and moving forward.

    • An intimate coffee with family and close friends
    • A simple lunch or buffet
    • A gathering at Beck's own reception room
    • Dinner at a local restaurant
    • An Argosy cruise on Puget Sound
    • A family reunion at a local country club

    These are just some of the personal events that we've coordinated for our families.

    We have special arrangements with a variety of local venues that allow us to design an event that will perfectly compliment your service.

    Clients have told us they appreciate the convenience of letting us handle the arrangements for their reception or other event. It's just another of the uniquely personal services provided by Beck's Funeral Home.