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John Boyd  White
January 1, 1932
Tulsa, Oklahoma
December 2, 2017
Seattle, Washington
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On New Year’s Day 1932 John Russell and Zola Grace White celebrated the birth of their firstborn son, John Boyd.   He was born shortly after midnight on that Tulsa, Oklahoma morning, and soon grew to be a lanky young man with a passion for the outdoors.

Achieving the rank of Eagle Scout in his early teens, he was an independent, industrious, and adventurous young man.  When his dad, by then a Colonel in the US Army was stationed in Japan, young John Boyd stayed home to finish high school and then on his own took a bus from Tulsa to Seattle, hopped a boat, and traveled across the Pacific to be with the rest of the family.

He returned to the states to attend University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and finished his forestry degree from West Virginia University in 1955.  That year he married the Morgantown native Nadine Reese, and served at Ft Belvoir Virginia for three years as a Lieutenant in the Army.  His first daughter Sue Ann was born there.

The young family headed west where he enjoyed a successful career in the US Forest Service,...

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