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Paul Cornell  Rothfus
April 5, 1930
Everett, Washington
November 25, 2017
Edmonds, Washington
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Paul Cornell Rothfus, passed away on Saturday morning, November 25, 2017. He died peacefully in his sleep at home next to his loving wife, Jackie, which is just how he wanted to go.

Paul was born April 5, 1930 in Everett, Washington. He had a younger brother, Walter. His parents, Dalton (Dal) and Helen Rothfus raised their two boys on the road traveling to various construction sites.  The Grand Coulee Dam, Hoover Dam and the Panama Canal were their backyards growing up. A pet iguana and campout in the jungles of Panama, watching out for monkeys were part of their many adventures.  Given that his stay in Panama coincided with World War II, Paul could sometimes see German planes bombing ships out in the harbor at night.

The Rothfus family returned stateside after missing two boats for different reasons. Thankfully someone was watching over them, because both of those boats sank before reaching their destinations in the states....

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