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Henry Robbins  Odell
March 5, 1925
Chicago, Illinois
October 30, 2017
Seattle, Washington
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Henry R. Odell died on October 30, 2017 at his residence, Mirabella, in Seattle, WA. Henry, also called Hank, Rob, Robbie and Dooley, was born in Lake Forest, IL, on March 5, 1925, to William R. and Frances R. Odell. After attending Lake Forest Country Day, North Shore Country Day, and Phillips Exeter Academy, he began study at Harvard University. During WWII, Henry attended midshipman school at Columbia University and graduated as an ensign. He served in the Pacific on the Destroyer USS Twining, which was part of the first battle group to enter Tokyo Harbor at the end of the war. Henry completed his undergraduate studies at Harvard, his MBA at the University of Chicago, and his DBA at Indiana University.

Henry married Anne Wilson in 1946.  They had three daughters, Suzie, Alison, and Laura, and divorced in 1955. In 1957, he married Evelyn Christiansen Branigan, mother of Edward and Lorel Branigan, in Beloit, WI. With the births of Carol and Will Odell, Henry and Evelyn’s combined families totaled seven children.


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