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    November 19, 2017
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    Eric James  Olsen
    August 29, 1984
    Edmonds, Washington
    October 29, 2017
    Seattle, Washington
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    Born August 29, 1984

    Went to Paradise October 29, 2017

    Eric was a gentle kind young man that would be there for whom ever needed him.  His spirit and heart were genuine.  Not a judger, always seeing the best in people.  Loved to talk your ear off and council friends and family.  He always seemed to know the right words to make you feel better.  At a young age he had so many talents, a natural born athlete, and Tall left handed baseball player like his grandpa.  Loved the outdoors, recently took a kayak out in Puget Sound without a life jacket, and scared us.  He had a natural green thumb, could revive my plants with his magic soil.  Animals were his passion.  He recently lost his dog Chevy of 14 years.  He was a wonderful Son and Brother.  He loved his place in Seattle and his job. ...

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