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Naomi Rogene  Hardy
January 22, 1936
October 17, 2017
Everett, Washington
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Who was Naomi Rogene Hardy, a farm girl, an educator, a wife, a mother, scourge of King County in the good old days before all the annexations, a city founder, or the savior of her church.

Born on 1/22/1936 in Western Illinois to a coal miner and farmer Walter Armstrong and homemaker Isabelle Armstrong nee Jennings at home Naomi always defied convention.  She I believe always had an ornery spirit as when being given an injection at age 5 socked the MD right off of his stool chair, she always liked to tell that story over the years.

As she got older she was known as the student and was valedictorian of her 1953 High School graduating class thus earning herself a scholarship to the teaching college, Western Illinois University where her mother always wanted to go.  Her mother seemed to live at times in Naomi’s early life vicariously through her daughter, who was able to accomplish everything her mother had wanted to do.  Entering college at age 17 she graduated all on her own at age 20 with her Bachelors in education with a concentration in Business Administration and a minor in Biology.  She was teaching...

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