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Linda Roehrig  Knapp
August 11, 2017
Newton, Massachusetts
August 31, 1944
Seattle, Washington
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Linda Roehrig Knapp

(August 31, 1944 – August 11, 2017)

Where to start with this multi-faceted woman?  There is so much to remember her for. Better start at her core, with things she did almost every day, from her earliest years: writer, reader, walker. Linda wrote many kinds of things, most notably weekly columns for Seattle-area newspapers (Family Matters, Over Coffee, and Getting Started), but also several novels and non-fiction books about teaching, as well as writing for the Apple Computer Company. She read voraciously, both in a sitting position and through audio books as she did her daily walk on a treadmill (fittingly, her car license plate is “READER”). Combining indoor and outdoor walking, her normal pace was ten miles a day, yes ten, though probably a little less than this in her earlier child-rearing years,...

In lieu of flowers, contributions to Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands would be very welcome, in keeping with Linda’s lifelong commitment to this organization and the cause it champions. Contact: or

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