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    Meagan Anne  Mullanix
    October 1, 1991
    Federal Way, Washington
    July 27, 2017
    Seattle, Washington
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    Meagan Anne Mullanix entered this world on October 1, 1991, not entirely happy about leaving her comfortable spot and entering the real world.  But never one to ignore a challenge, she took off, and in her 25 years has made an incredible impact on the people who were fortunate to be placed in her life. 

    Meg attended elementary school at St. Mary Magdalen in Everett, and has carried those friendships throughout her life.  She then attended Olympic View Middle School, and graduated from Kamiak High School in 2010.  She made her mark on the softball field and in the hearts of her fellow students, teachers, and coaches.  In 2009, Meagan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, and tackled it like everything else in her life, with courage, humor, and grace. She made it back to the ballfield and was able to graduate with the rest of her class. While cancer altered her path along the way, it never changed who she was or who she wanted to be.  When she was well, she attended college or worked.  While...

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