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Steven James  Stradley
March 20, 1948
Spokane, Washington
July 18, 2017
Seattle, Washington
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Steven James Stradley was born March 20, 1948, in Spokane, WA and passed away July 18, 2017, in Seattle, WA.  He was a graduate of the University of Washington with degrees in sculpture and fine art.

Steven was a very special person.  The beauty, wonder and curiosity of life was always with him. He was giving of his knowledge to everyone.  This was especially true of children, whose eyes and minds he opened to the world around them.  Life was full of adventures, travel and exploration.  He was an accomplished wood sculpture artist.  He had a deep interest in the arts and was active in the founding of Art Not Terminal gallery in Seattle.  Life passions included the outdoors and nature.

He is survived by his partner, Mary Van Ottingham, his sister Janice Staeheli, family members Jane Rose (Glen), Lois Van Ottingham (Eric), and Rita Turner, along with nieces and nephews, great nephews and niece,...

Donations may be given to Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for Pancreatic Cancer Research at or by phone at 206-606-6244; please note Steven's name at the time of donation.


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