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Donald Richard  Nielsen
October 31, 1926
Seattle, Washington
May 13, 2017
Mountlake Terrace, Washington
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Don Nielsen Loved Life …

Our dad, Don, was a true Seattleite. He was born in Swedish Hospital on October 31, 1926, to John and Olga Nielsen. His father John had emigrated from Denmark in the late teens and met his mom Olga, an American-born Dane, at the Danish Hall in Seattle. John and Olga took Don home to the family dairy farm in Renton, where he lived with his older brother John, aka Bob, along with three sets of uncles and aunts, cousins and other extended family. This large extended family, the Danish Lutheran Church, and the Danish community formed the foundation of dad’s love of people and partying.

The farm was located near the old Longacres race track and sat next to the railroad line, which made it a convenient location for the circus when it came to town. The circus would pull over on a siding spur and set up the circus tents right on dad’s farm. Dad and his big brother Bob spent hours pestering the circus hands, and dad’s first career dream was to run away with the circus and be a trapeze artist.

Dad’s family moved into Seattle to the 26th and Jackson Street neighborhood where dad attended Madrona Elementary, the first class at Washington Junior High, and Garfield High...

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