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Lavar Franklin  Pulley
July 16, 1952
Tacoma, Washington
March 4, 2017
Seattle, Washington
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"Don't put horns on that Viking helmet!" Lavar would chastise some television show.

Lavar was my house husband since his heart valve surgery in '09. I would go to work and he would take care of our home, do laundry, cook the meals and keep the yard maintained. We had a wonderful honeymoon in Scotland, his favorite place. We had planned to travel to Ireland in the future. He watched Lindybeige and Mr. Firmwheat on YouTube. He recently finished four models of the Keepers of The Purple Twilight from Outer Limits using Mr. Firmwheat's tips. There are three soldiers and the one main character, Ikar. Lavar was artistic and enjoyed drawing, painting and making beaded necklaces for me and friends.

Lavar succumbed to pneumonia on March 4, 2017.

He was survived by his wife, Louise, his daughter, Nonishaney, his stepson, Alpha;Read More »

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