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Michael James  Langton
November 27, 1939
Nyssa, Oregon
March 20, 2017
Kirkland, Washington
Shared Memories

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Mike was a very special man.  He had a great heart, a well-read mind, a beautiful singing voice and a kind countenance.  He rarely, if ever, spoke ill of anyone.  He was completely honest.  As his friend and neighbor Reed said, “Mike was a true Gentleman”. 

Mike loved his family, my family and they loved him!  He loved his kids, my kids, and had an overwhelming love for his Granddaughters.  Most of you know he cooked dinner for the Granddaughters every Thursday night for years.  They would come, bring a friend, bring a current boyfriend or come alone but always were here for their Granddad.  He taught them special songs, helped them build forts, how to play different sports, how to parallel park and I could go on and on.  He was a living example of what kindness is all about.  Each of...

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