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Alfred Henry  Gibbs
August 8, 1918
Kansas City, Kansas
December 4, 2016
Edmonds, Washington
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Al Gibbs - One of the Greats of the
Greatest Generation

 Alfred Henry Gibbs was born on August 8, 1918 in Kansas City, Kansas to Arthur Antony and Melvina Gibbs.

It is hard to imagine how the world has changed during Al’s lifetime. At his birth, the country still was mostly agrarian. Socially and politically it was a different world. For instance, the nearest town to the farm where he grew up, Holt Missouri, was a ‘Sundown Town’. African Americans could not stay in Holt overnight, they had to be out of town by sundown! The civil rights movement was still almost half his lifetime away. Elections were far different: you couldn’t vote for individual candidates, you voted straight ticket, either Democrat or Republican. You selected either a red or blue ballot and therefore everyone in town knew how you voted on your 'secret' ballot.

The technology changes in the span of his life are breath taking. Automobiles, planes and telephones had been invented but were not common and still primitive by today’s standards. Interstate highways, jet engines, radar, television, computers, satellites, spacecraft, landing on the...

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