John returns home, to be buried with full military honors in Robert E. Lee\\\'s \\\'backyard\\\' at Arlington Cemetery.

Col. John Stephen  Mace
January 13, 1920
Marion, South Carolina
December 10, 2016
Kirkland, Washington
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John Stephen Mace, was born January 13th, 1920 in Marion, South Carolina, an only child to Everett Lamar and Emily Frances Mace. He passed away peacefully in Kirkland, Washington on December 10th, 2016. His eldest daughter, Stephanie was at his side, her husband, William Settle and great-grandson, Miles Rengstorf were also present. John frequently joked in the last months of his very long and full life, just shy of 97 years, that his cause of death would read “TMB” … Too Many Birthdays! 

 John was nicknamed from birth “JS” by his mother and was raised in Charleston, South Carolina, measuring his early days, “not by the hours of the day” he would say, “but by the ocean’s tides…At low tide, you dug for clams, at high tide, you went swimming.”

His mother was a college graduate (unusual for women in the early 1900s) and a teacher who encouraged in him a thirst for knowledge and a love of learning.  He spent his summers at Green Sea, SC, his mother’s family estate, and there became acquainted with the practical rigors, disciplines, and joys of farm life. His father, a pharmacist,...

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