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    February 21, 2009
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    David Buchanan  Fordyce
    October 15, 1924
    Santa Monica, California
    February 9, 2009
    Edmonds, Washington
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    David Buchanan Fordycewas born in Santa Monica, California in 1924. He was the youngest of two brothers. His older brother Reid was 10 year older. His father William and mother Ann were Scottish immigrants who met in Winnipeg, ManitobaCanada. They had migrated to California to invest in and operate a small electric motor company. William George Fordyce or WGF as he was refereed to, was a entrepreneur and skill mechanic. Ann was a kind and loving mother from a family of actors and musicians. WGF was quite successful in his business endeavors and served on various business organizations in the Culver City and Santa Monica area. There were many articles written about WGF and his partner. Eventually WGF had enough capital to start his own car franchise and the family moved to VancouverRead More »

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