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  • Beck's Funeral Home: We're here to help
    Beck's Funeral Home has been the preferred funeral provider in South Snohomish and North King counties for over 55 years. In a recent survey of Puget Sound consumers by a respected research foundation, Beck's Funeral Home was the only funeral firm to achieve a 100% rating on overall client satisfaction.

    Beck's remains independent and locally owned just like we were when we opened in 1951. Almost every other full service funeral home in the area is owned and operated by the same multi-national conglomerate. Our service mission is never compromised by accountability to far-off stockholders, we answer to you. The owners (Jim and Nancy Letson) and our staff members are longtime residents of the local area and know that our greatest asset is the reputation we build by serving you well.

    Our facilities, located in the heart of downtown Edmonds, offer attractive accommodations whether your needs are simple or elaborate. Funerals, memorials, or catered events can be arranged for small family gatherings to groups of several hundred.

    Our directors will listen carefully to your wishes. We will offer you a wide range of selections that will fit both your emotional and financial needs, and we will respect your right to make a decision without undue influence. Beck's Funeral Home…we’re here to help.